Thank you for visiting my webpage. I am a lawyer, writer and historian (not necessarily in that order!) and I usually live in Perth, Western Australia. For the next two years, though, I’m on an adventure. My husband was awarded a European Union fellowship to work with Kings College London for two years, so we’re in England and living in beautiful Oxford. I’m spending the time writing and blogging. So be sure to check out my blog to see what’s been happening in my life.

In my legal work I specialize in the area of medical law. As a historian I have several degrees in history – modern and medieval, including a post-graduate degree in Medical History from the University of Oxford. As a writer, my first novel, A Stranger in my Street was published in June 2012. My second novel, Taking a Chance, was published in May 2013. My third novel, A Time of Secrets, is now in all good book stores.

A Time of Secrets is a mystery set in wartime Melbourne. 1943 is a dangerous time to fall in love… In wartime Melbourne loose lips sink ships, so when Australian Women’s Army sergeant Stella Aldridge overhears soldiers whispering about a revenge killing, she follows her instincts to investigate, despite finding herself drawn to one of the soldiers, the enigmatic Staff Sergeant Eric Lund. But the world is at war and there is little time for romance. Someone in the Australian Intelligence Bureau is trading secrets and it’s up to Stella and her uncompromising superior officer, Lieutenant Nick Ross, to find the traitor.

A Stranger in my Street is set in the area where I live, near the Swan River in Perth. It incorporates many stories my mother told me about life in Perth in the 1940s and especially during the second world war. My mother had a marvellous time, dancing with American servicemen and doing her ‘bit’ for the war effort. My father’s war was entirely different, as he was one of 270 commandos on Timor, the 2/2 Independent Company, who fought a desperate guerilla campaign against up to 20,000 Japanese in appalling conditions. I wanted to use something of both their stories, in an entirely fictional murder mystery set in this lovely part of Australia.

Taking a Chance is another murder mystery, one that delves into another side of the war for the women of Perth. It was a time for taking chances in many different ways. During the ‘American Occupation’ Perth’s girls and young women threw caution to the wind, entering into romances and liaisons with the visiting servicemen. Women also had to take chances in their everyday lives, coping without husbands and male relatives, engaged in work that they’d never have had a chance to do in peacetime.

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