Thank you for visiting my webpage. I was raised in Perth, Western Australia, by a wonderful mother who was widowed by the shadow of World War 2 and who loved to tell stories. As a child I always had a book in my hand, even when watching too many classic movies on TV. That meant I always had stories in my head, often of princes and knights and space pirates and highwaymen rescued by girls who were shorter than average and wore glasses. 

My curent novels are: A Stranger in My Street, Taking a Chance and A Time of Secrets (Pan Macmillan Australia). They are set in wartime Australia and are based on the stories I heard as a child, but cloaked in my imagination and with a firm grounding of historical research and legal common sense (for my sins – I’m also a Historian and a Lawyer). I like to think that I use my research and legal skills to make my historical novels as accurate as possible, and my imagination to make them as entertaining as I can.

At present I am on an adventure! My husband was awarded a European Union fellowship to work with Kings College London for two years, so we’re in England and living in beautiful Oxford.

I have been spending the time writing and: ta da! I’m thrilled to announce that my new series of novels – which follow the adventures of three ‘Ambulance Girls’ in the London Blitz – will be published by Ebury Press.  

Please take time to look at my Blog, visit me on Facebook or check my tweets. And if you feel inclined, please drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.



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