Propaganda posters in WW2

These are interesting. Here is a Japanese poster warning Aussie soldiers that the Americans were stealing their girls:

Apparently the Germans produced the one below, because it mentions El Alamein. At least a ‘jolly good time’ was less threatening than ‘Australia screams’. But what is that odd creature at the top of the pamphlet? A rat of Tobruk? It looks more like a platypus to me. I know that they’re uniquely Australian creatures, but hardly the universal image of Australia. Hadn’t the Nazis heard of kangaroos? Or emus? Or thought even to look at our coat of arms?

This one is directed at the US troops – who presumably might otherwise mistake a Digger for a Japanese soldier!

This is an Aussie-UK friendship poster. Is it just me, or is that English bulldog a bit scrawney compared with the boxing kangaroo? And the kangaroo and dog seem so happy – look at the dog’s tail wag as he gets in a bite where it really hurts!

This was to remind housewives not to waste food: